Affiliated : Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University
NAAC Accredited " B " Grade.
BEST Practices
  1. The work of greenery of the college premises is being done Oftenly under the supervision and care by Shri Sanjay Gote. Various types of plants likely mangoes, Chicus, Almonds, Gauva, Pappaya, Jamun, and flowery plants like shewanti and Roses have been planted in the college premises. Lane of henna side by side on entrance of the road decorated the soothe Atmosphere.
  2. Earth pots with water have been hung on the branches of the trees in the premises to fill up the thirst of the birds for the purpose of safeguarding the birds and conserving Healthy Atmosphere.
  3. The NSS department Organises Blood Donation camps Regularly in the college every year in the College.
  4. NSS department tries to eradicate congress Grass/ Ganjar gavat and put the college clean through activities Which carried out in the college premises every year.
  5. The work of equiping Play ground in the college premises is done by the department of sports and games of the college.
  6. Culture and civilizations is one of the best practices of the college The college organises annual Gathering programme to inspire and retain the hidden art Like Singing,Dance,One act play music Art of entertainment etc. among the student. It gives scope to the talent and Qualities of the studentsThrough the cultural department of collegeThe students participants involve in the district and university level Youth Festival .
  7. Sports and games Department Organises Various Sport competitions in the college every year to introduce Various sports to the students.
  8. Office employees provide Services services to the students university link.They link to Students with University Offering their services as a mediator .
  9. The NSS department of college Organises Health check up camps in its special camp at the adopted village It offers Collaborative services in the camp every year With Reputed hospitals in Washim District.
  10. Student adoption scheme in the college TeacherAdopts 15 students every year. They take care of offering the assistance Like Counselling to select subjects, filling examination forms University examination and Forms of competitive examinations Through career guidance cell Of the college.
  11. Examination solving questions and answers Guidance workshop conducted every year Only for College students through career counselling guidance cell of the College.